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Frequently Asked Questions

I have never filed an SIBTF claim and I am unfamiliar with the thresholds. How does an applicant potentially pre-qualify?

According to Labor Code 4751, the previous disability or impairment affected a hand, an arm, a foot, a leg, or an eye, and the permanent disability resulting from the subsequent injury affects the opposite and corresponding member, and such latter permanent disability, when considered alone and without regard to, or adjustment for, the occupation or age of the employee, is equal to 5 percent or more of total, or (b) the permanent disability resulting from the subsequent injury, when considered alone and without regard to or adjustment for the occupation or the age of the employee, is equal to 35 percent or more of total.

Can CSE educate and assist with the SIBTF process?

Yes. CSE can assist with all aspects of an SIBTF claim by educating and assisting the parties in identifying qualified applicants, filing SIBTF applications, obtaining medical records, and providing timely, thorough and accurate SIBTF reporting.

Can pre-existing disabilities be congenital, developmental, pathological, or due to an industrial or non-industrial accident?

Yes. As long as there are labor disabling factors that pre-existed the subsequent industrial injury.

Can I talk to a CSE physician about a case?

Yes. At CSE, our staff and our physicians are available to answer questions every day.

Are expedited cases possible with CSE?

Yes. We understand that some applicants have life altering conditions that require immediate evaluations. We have the ability to quickly schedule the applicant with an SIBTF evaluation.

I have heard that it takes years to complete the SIBTF process, is that true?

As the industry leader in SIBTF, CSE physicians on average submit their complex reporting to the parties in 2-3 weeks. Our systematic approach to avoiding speed bumps ensures that the applicant’s SIBTF claim is completed in a timely manner; this includes scheduling, medical record review and our in-house quality assurance.

Call CSE to speak with our knowledgeable staff today so all of your SIBTF questions can be answered. We can be reached at (916) 292-9145 to help you climb the SIBTF mountain.