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The CSE Story

Empowering attorneys with time sensitive SIBTF evaluations.

The CSE Story

CSE was created by like minded experienced SIBTF advocates to ensure that Applicant Attorneys have a support system that manages an SIBTF case from start to finish. Our open communication and streamlined procedures are designed to assist attorneys minimize their work-load and maximize their client capacity.

Over the years, CSE has steadily grown in the SIBTF industry to now be the premier company adding physicians, CSE Team members and SIBTF specialists that can better serve the applicant attorneys in California. CSE provides a refreshing and distinctive level of assistance to applicant attorneys than most medical management companies. The end result of our efforts is we provide individual resources that support attorneys and applicants to receive the best SIBTF experience possible.

The CSE Team

Chief Executive Officer
Joe Minkstein, DC, QME

Joe Minkstein has 25 years of healthcare leadership including opening multiple practices and businesses in the Northern California Area.  In analyzing how the SIBTF system was currently operating, Dr. Joe looked at the big picture and knew that there needed to be a change.  His expertise in implementing strategies, streamlining procedures and a cutting-edge approach to business is what led to the opening of CSE. 

Dr. Joe’s experience and training has allowed him to become an expert in SIBTF.  His vision has brought CSE to the forefront of the SIBTF community.  He incorporated performing expedited evaluations, while strengthening report writing skills for CSE physicians and offering direct assistance to applicant attorneys when requested. 

His philosophy of not trying to be the biggest SIBTF management firm in California, but to simply be the best, drives home why attorneys choose to work with CSE.  This solid combination of practice management skills helps all the parties involved and is what is creating a buzz around the SIBTF industry.

Chief Operating Officer
Scott Warren, DC, QME

Scott Warren is a trusted physician that understands that injured workers and attorneys need competent and seasoned professionals to work with on SIBTF issues.  His business focus combined with his attention to detail have produced multiple successful businesses that include a private practice specializing in workers’ compensation, utilization review, independent medical reviews and becoming an expert in SIBTF.    

In each of his previous roles over the past 25 years, Dr. Warren developed strategic alliances with physicians and attorneys.  In building his organization, he focused on educating his team members to learn how to provide detailed customer service, authenticity and to never sacrifice quality for quantity.   

Over the years, he has developed methodologies for CSE to ensure that the injured worker receives a thorough SIBTF evaluation with a first-rate report.  Utilizing his compassion, strong work ethic and meticulous operational systems, Dr. Warren knows how to successfully manage projects.

Quality Assurance Manager
Geno DePaoli, DC, QME

Dr. DePaoli is a highly respected and evidence-based practitioner with an impressive career spanning over three decades.  During which time, he has excelled in the management of orthopedic injuries.  His dedication to workers’ compensation is exemplified by his certifications and qualified medical evaluations, highlighting his commitment to the medical-legal domain. 

Dr. DePaoli’s expertise extends beyond clinical practice. He has been instrumental in the development and quality assurance of a company performing functional capacity evaluations.  His involvement as an Independent Medical Evaluator and performing Independent Medical Reviews solidifies his reputation as a key figure in the medical-legal community. 

As the Quality Assurance Manager at CSE, Dr. DePaoli embraces the role of mentor, offering his knowledge and guidance to CSE physicians to ensure that there is medical evidence supporting the impairments to assist the parties in settling the SIBTF claim.  His unwavering dedication to applicants, upmost standards of integrity, and meticulous attention to detail shines through in every aspect of his work.